Cash on delivery(COD)?

For the first order you made in Ciraws, you can pay after you receive all the products and finish all the tests.


How does COD work?

1.Send us your order(

2.Tell us who you are

3. Give a promise that you won’t cheat.

4. Order shipped

5. Receive and pay


I can prepay. What is that good for me?

Thank you for your trust.

we will provide a discount as a gift for your first order. (20% off)

Why do we do COD?

None of the other suppliers is doing this. Apparently, it makes you lose money.

But we are a team devoted to export business. To know people from which country we can really trust is useful in our long term development.

We don’t trust media. So this is also the research we are conducting. We will share the results if our clients are interested in it.

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